2023 Calendar of 4-H Events

4 OSU Closed, Labor Day
5 SFB, 7pm (Fair office)
11 4-H Comm., 7pm
14 Carteens, 6-8pm
16 Clinton County Horse Fun/Open Show, 9am
18 Dog Comm., 6:30pm & NO Horse Comm.

2 Junior Fair Board Applications Due
2 4-H Officer Books Due to OSUE
2 SFB, 7pm (Fair office)
9 4-H Comm., 7pm
12 Carteens, 6-8pm
16 Horse Comm., 7pm & Dog Comm., 6:30pm
19 New Volunteer Orientation, 6:30pm
24 JFB Selection Night, 5-8pm

JFB, Junior Fair Board
SFB, Senior Fair Board
Comm., Committee
Mtg., Meeting
FCS, Family & Consumer Sciences

If a deadline falls on the weekend, Friday, or holiday, we will accept it on the next business day. Please visit the county website for additional 4-H information: clinton.osu.edu. Please contact our office with any questions at 937-382-0901.