2019 Calendar of 4-H Events
Clinton County

-The calendar will continue to be updated throughout the 4-H season.
-Please watch the weekly 4-H emails for additions and changes.
-Most events are held at the Extension Office unless noted differently below.


1 Forms & Entries Deadline
3 SFB, 7pm (Fairground-Senior Fair Office)
3-7 Jr. 4-H Camp
4 Market Rabbit Check In/Tattoo, 6-8pm (Fair-Rabbit Barn)
10 Dog Comm., 6:30pm & Horse Comm., 7pm
12 County King & Queens Contest, 4:30pm & 7pm
13 Creative Writing Projects Due, 4:30pm
15 Required Dairy Meeting, 10am (For all members taking 122 and/or 126)
15 Swine Start Up Clinic, 10am (Fairground-Livestock Exhibition Center)
16 PAS Horse Show, 9am (Fair-Horse Area)
17 4-H Comm,. 7pm
24 Skillathon, 6-8pm (Fair-Expo Building, Floral Hall & All Barns)
24 JFB, 6:30 (Fairground-Junior Fair Office)
25 Shooting Sports Judging, 9am (Clinton County Sportsman Association)
27 Pre-Fair Judging Set Up, 2-4pm (Fair-Expo Building)
28 Pre-Fair Judging, 8am (Fair-Expo Building)


1 SFB, 7pm (Fairground-Senior Fair Office)
1 Queens Prep (2-4pm)
2 Junior Fair Building BOOTH Set Up, 5-8pm (Fair-Jr. Fair Bldg.)
4 OSU Closed
5 Junior Fair Building PROJECT MOVE IN, 3-8pm (Fair-Jr. Fair Bldg.)
6-13 Clinton County Junior Fair (Fair)
15 4-H Comm., 7pm
22 JFB, 6:30 (Fairground-Junior Fair Office)
24-Aug 4, Ohio State Fair (Columbus)


5 SFB, 7pm (Fairground-Senior Fair Office)
8 Carteens, 6-8pm
12 Dog Comm., 6:30pm & Horse Comm., 7pm
19 4-H Comm., 7pm
26 JFB, 6:30pm (Fairground-Junior Fair Office)


2 OSU Closed
3 SFB, 7pm (Fairground-Senior Fair Office)
9 Dog Comm.,6:30pm & Horse Comm., 7pm
12 Carteens, 6-8pm &
16 4-H Comm., 7pm
TBA Horse Fun/Open Show